For building bright & confidencial Future of Kids

Here are some advices for lightened future for the kids

Getting Ready for school

1- praise your kids for being kind with others .

2- Give your kids the chance to play with others often.

3- Listen to and treat your kids with respect.

4- take your kids to the library and let them choose books.

5- Ask your kids to tell you about their day, friends and activities.

6. Let your kids involved in community and join activities.

7. Teach your child about how to be safe with other adults.

8. Have relaxed family meals without TV.

9.create a calm bedtime routine.

10. Be active together as a family often.

11. Limit TV time and expand social activities.

12.Discuss the TV programs you watch together as a family.

13. Create opportunity for daily play.

14. praise your kids for being active.