Aman Institute for Youth Intellectual Security Studies

Monthly classes for youth & Parents

July 25th, 2021 – May27th 2022






July 25th Session A. Safety for the Family on the Internet: Avoiding Pornography, Risky Videos, Gaming, and Other Internet and Social Media Addictions.

Session B. Cyber Security:  Online Dark Web:  Protection against cyber criminals and other behind the screen adversaries.

30 minutes + 15 Q&A By Don (Charles) Wood, Information Technologist

By David Sanchez, Information Technologist

Dr. Ihab Abdelgaward

August 29th


Session A – JustServe:  Actively being a part of the community

Session B – Collaboration to select a Joint Interfaith Service Project using JustServe sometime during Week of Service Sep 11-18

Christy Young, JustServe Specialist Christy Young



Sept 26th


Session A- Bullying

Session B- Academic Success: Avoiding Academic Failures

By David M. Rushton, MAED, Assistant Principal / Hearing Officer Dorshan Millhouse






Oct 24th


Session A& B –  Emotional Resilience: Overcoming Addiction, Depression, and Suicide Awareness. By Dr. Brian Nowell, retired Professor of Psychology PhD

Special Guests: Philip Franzoni

Tyler Martin


Nov 28th Session A- Unlimited gender

Session B- Avoid pre-marital sex and extra-marital affairs

By Tarek Sulaiman

By Dr. Brian Nowell, retired Professor of Psychology PhD.

Special Guest, Debbie Nowell

Osman Danquah


Dec 26th Session A and B – The ABCs of  Successful Parenting:  Raising Children of Faith


By Chaplain Darren Coleman and Chaplain Seth Porter.

Special Guests: Carolyn Coleman, Gabriela Porter, and Islamic Leader/member and Spouse


Dr. Darren Coleman


Jan 30th 2022  Session A- Living Healthy and Avoiding the Influence and Dangers of Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, and Other Intoxicants.

Session B- Safety, Common Sense, and the Law: Trends, dangers, and legal and social effects of intoxication, DUIs, texting and other distractions while driving, shoplifting, joining gangs, and other issues.

By Dr. Jeremy Swain, Family Practice Physician;

Dr. Jordan Felkner, Dentist (DDS);

Dr Ryan Adams, MD Surgeon

and Osman Danquah, President of ICGK

By. Joshua Swain, Public Safety Officer

and Tyler Martin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Dr. Ihab Abdelgawad
Feb 27th 2022 Session A- The Pandemic of extremism Analyze & Solutions

Session B- Countering Hate Crimes and Violence with Building Bridges of Love, Understanding, and Cooperation

By Dr. Ihab Abdelgawad, Imam of ICGK, president of Aman Institute, PhD. Youth intellectual security Studies

By Osman Danquah and

Chaplain Darren Coleman

Chaplain Seth Porter

Dr. Ihab Abdelgawad


Mar 27th 2022 Session A Spirituality & Healthy life By Dr. Ihab Abdelgawad, Imam of ICGK, President of Aman Institute, PhD. Youth intellectual security Studies, and Chaplain Seth Porter, Interfaith Relations Specialist Chaplain Darren Coleman